Here is my late guitar and its replacement

I got this guitar six years ago on February 21st. Now today December 28th it’s sitting at the Winter Park Guitar Center storage. Here’s some pictures that I’ve taken with my guitar. And at the end I’ll show you my new one!



My Downtown Orlando Day Trip!

So today I decided to take a break from actually driving and vlogging and actually walk around my downtown Orlando. Had a great time and I felt really healthy when I was there. Also I was able to rent a bicycle and I channeled my finished experience on my YouTube page. Here’s the link below:

My New Funko Pops!

So I was out shopping with my wife the other day and we walk into the hot topic. I made comments about Hot Topic before I’m a podcast so I’m going to link that here: 

Listen to How cool was Hot Topic??? by Outlet Podcast #np on #SoundCloud

Well anyways as I was shopping I saw the wall that was full of these Funko Pops and I remembered that there were supposed to be coming out with two awesome ones. Sumetal from Babymetal and Spike from Cowboy Bebop.

Well I found them!…

New Podcasts are up!!

Here are the soundcloud links!

Listen to How cool was Hot Topic??? by Outlet Podcast #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to 3 Social Climate Problems SOLVED ๐Ÿ™‚ by Outlet Podcast #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to I Care About YOU not what you THINK by Outlet Podcast #np on #SoundCloud