Playing Devil’s Advocate a good thing? – SoundCloud

Is Playing Devil’s Advocate a good thing? by Outlet Podcast #np on #SoundCloud

We’ve all done it; you go on to online forums, you see what other people are saying about a particular issue, you take offense of a particular individuals point of view because for some reason you feel that they are just being contrarian and are playing Playing devil’s advocate. Why do we do this type of thing? Why do we side with Lucifer himself? Listen to the episode and let me know what you think.


Finding Dory’s 4 Movie Sins – SoundCloud

Today I wanted to post a brand new podcast entry based off of four movie sins that I found in Finding Dory. Now although I found these 4 sins to really disenfranchised me from the film I had an unbelievably good time watching the movie and it was definitely worth the money for the experience. Check it out in theaters!

Listen to Finding Dory’s 4 Movie Sins by Outlet Podcast #np on #SoundCloud