Watch “”Fisher of Men”…Aquaman” on YouTube

Jesus is calling you: not your problem, worries, anxieties, fears….you


I’ve been up to alot

Wow…well I’ve started p90x…(17 minutes in and my lips turned white and I was hyperventilating). That was crazy. I’m trying to eat clean, its a big struggle, but I’m hoping to control myself.

Tons of content on YouTube! Let me show you

How I met Her:

Souly and Holy Vlogs:

And i started a new Anime vlog on my outlet podcast page.

Doing good

I just got done coaching a lady who is writing a Christian book on her internet presence. Now I’M NOT ANYTHING NEAR to a coach, but what I learned a shared with her.

We should share our knowledge with those who lack in areas where we are strong because there will be a time where we will be out of the loop.

She has great content but the problem is that marketing and social media has advanced way beyond the normal simple facebook page. I felt bad for her, but I feel worse for myself! I don’t take advantage of the trends or latest apps, some times because I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S COOL!