The Mighty Ducks notes

The mighty ducks
1. Stars gordon bombay as a lawyer.
2. Gordon misses a penalty shot (scarred)
3.gordon bombay court appointed commmunity service for drinking and driving
3. Kids don’t know how to play…kids seem to not care.
4. Gordon bombay meets his old coach. Villain immediately.
5. Really disney movie…clumsy crazy kids try cheating the second game
7. Kids relatively street urchin
8.  “Teach them to fly”
He gets the inspirational pep talk got better 30 minutes in after they got their gear
10. Gordon’s old coach says hes not a has been..he was a never was….he’s a freaking lawyer with a 30-0 record!
11. Gordon’s childhood comes back
12. Musical montage
13. More adrenaline than story cause your want to see the ducks win
14. “Flying v” formation
15. Triple deek.
16. Gordon bombay tries out for the minors
17. Hans was the sage

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