My Sandlot notes

1. Narrative story
2. Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez is dreamy
3. Made the PF Flyer shoe more famous
4. Story about a new kid coming to a neighborhood in the summer
5. New kid dad died and had a beginning relationship with his new dad (dennis leary)
6. Simple malt shop era. Sincere.
7. 8 kids
8. Junkyard sandlot (we all had a sandlot)
9. Benny (spanish kid) was kind
10. Mom wanted him to make friends
11. Kept calling his step dad Bill.
12. Scottie couldnt throw a baseball
13. Steak on the eye
14. Scott smalls.
15. Yeah yeah.
16. Kid’s back then had gangs.
17. Kids only had one ball. Cant play when that ball is gone. (that phenomenon is lost)
18. Childhood lore like “the beast”
19. “You’re killing me smalls”
20. “Forever…”
21. Multi-layered movie
*smalls and his dad
*benny rodriguez being the nieghborhood hero (we all had one)
*wendy peppercorn and squints
*smalls learning to have friends
*squints and wendy peffercorn
*neighborhood kid gang
*kids telling each other off without cursing
*chewing tobacco (drug scene)
*smalls stealing from his dad (when we were kids)
*mr mertyle ( owner of the beast) mean old man
22. doing things without your parents
23. Local drug stores had everything
24. Tree house
25. We all thought we were heroes wearing specific brand shoes (pf flyers)
26. Mr mertyle wasnt as bad as we thought

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