Here it is the first episode everyone!

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AMAZING NEWS EVERYONE! So I was able to create a logo and I also created a Facebook page. search for the page:


i’m really happy about the progress I’ve been making and its very encouraging to see the support.

Until I’m able to host and RSS feed my show, visit this site and my facebook page for a youtube link.

God bless and take care

Connect. Recharge.

Welcome to the Outlet

welcome to outlet: an Inspirational cultural Podcast that speaks to your needs and humor. I usually offer advice and talk about movies, news, church life, pop culture, literature, and music. email me any inquires you may have about life at:


Soon I’ll be uploading the first episode, so join me and many others.

My wife found out that i spent $300.00 on the "Death of Gwen Stacy" Amazing Spiderman issue.

My wife found out that i spent $300.00 on the “Death of Gwen Stacy” Amazing Spiderman issue.

Connect and Recharge