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Sorry that If been busy on other platforms! I’m still around! Here’s a new podcast episode!


Weight loss game!

Hey everybody it’s Geizi and I wanted to let you guys know about something that I’ve been doing on my YouTube channel. I’ve been playing this game called burn your fat with me. It’s a fantasy novel manga Gameware in order to progress the storyline you have to do a few of the workouts that the characters are suggesting. I had a great time doing it and I want to show you a screenshot and give you a link of the game that you can watch my progress on YouTube!

Trying to Connect…

So have you buddy my name is Casey and I host the outlet podcast. I’m available on Twitter WordPress Tumblr Facebook YouTube iTunes Google play music Stitcher radio tune in anchor. FM and a couple other of social media platforms. It’s pretty hard these days trying to touch on every single base. I really want to connect with people and share my life in order to help others and entertain others. That’s why I say my show is about inspirational entertainment.

So far in my life things are pretty fun. I’m actually growing sunflowers and they’re all 3in high! No actual color apart from Green but it’s still very hopeful and it makes me happy. Also I’ve been trying to publish a book that I’ve been writing for my whole life and that endeavor is pretty crazy. I’m going to school at the University of Central Florida to become an English teacher, I’m going to a job interview on Saturday and hopefully I’ll come out with a full-time job, I’m playing guitar at my church and have been nominated to be the church bus driver, and I found some cool new platforms to share content. All in all I’m pretty happy but I’m trying to reach out. It’s very difficult but it’s something that I really want to do because I know because I know that if I need it then there are hundreds of thousands of others were like me who need it too.

I hope that this reached you and that maybe if ever you feel lonely you can find me available. I’m just a comic book anime nerd that’s growing up and who’s trying to help others the way I’ve been helped. So let’s connect and recharge.