What Happens when No one care anymore? – SoundCloud

After watching a lot of people post videos on Vimeo about how they are getting recognized early had enough. I really wanted to talk about it. In this research podcast episode address the question what happens when no one cares period it’s in response to what could happen to someone who loses their time in the spotlight. You know, all of these makeup tutorial gaming reaction type social media videos. Are you tired of them like I am?

Listen to What Happens when No one care anymore? by Outlet Podcast #np on #SoundCloud

Watch “God’s Will…It’s Tough to Swallow” on YouTube

I really enjoyed uploading a new video to my “Souly and Holy vlogs” on my YouTube channel. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do so not because I just haven’t been uploading but rather because God wasn’t allowing me to upload content that is biblical. He wasn’t allowing me to do it because there was some things in my life that I had to clean up before I could share His pure word to an audience.

Sao movie: the crowd is hype tonight!

Dude I’m so excited to be apart of tonight! This crowd is my people. I love them. Supposedly there was assigned seating, but no one is paying attention. Thank God. I had a horrible seat.

So according to my tradition I’m showing you the beginning, pre movie, cheesy quizzes

How did you do?

Watch “Last Minute Guy on Valentine’s Day” on YouTube

So this thlog (thought vlog) episode is something that came to my mind that when I found out what it couldn’t do to my channel I simply thought wow I have to do it. Everybody or at least most guys freak out on Valentine’s Day because it is a day that creeps up on most of us and we fail to prepare…or so the stereotype dictates.

It is not a difficult day to celebrate, Valentine’s Day, but the joke is family for me because maybe it has happened to some of us. Just tell your loved one how you feel about them and it’s fine. Happy Valentine’s Day!